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We are all created in the image of God. We carry very beautiful souls all around, but sometimes we get corrupted. Our hearts end up filled with so much clutter that weighs us down. Like a computer hard drive, we require cleansing to rid us of the negative energy that no longer serve us. And to fill  the space with positive energy that is synonymous with self-love, love for others, compassion, forgiveness and peacefulness.



This is what my weekend on Dec 16 and 17, 2017 in the peace and quite of the Rockies with Carrie was all about.  This was a perfect way for me to end the year. What a beautiful gift to self and blessing this was. I mentioned to Carrie on the last day of the retreat that I felt like a pilot whose plane had been cleared for take off.


Mine was a personalized retreat, which means I was able to select the activities/sessions that I wanted based on my needs. This flexibility helped me to get the best value out of this two day retreat.


Thank you Carrie for being my guide to spiritual renewal. I truly enjoyed the retreat and I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to find balance, or planning on embarking on a self-renewal, self awareness, self- growth, and healing journey. 


Oh, by the way, I am not planning on turning Vegan anytime soon, but I have to say the vegan lunches were nothing like anything I have ever tasted before. Thank you again Carrie for the amazing vegan lunches and smoothies.


I wanted to share some of the healing and insights I gained on my retreat - I am so glad I went, it was very good for me, very healing.


There were 3 days, and 3 stages, Release, Healing and Manifestation.


During the release day, we called on our spirit guides to be with us and help us release past shame and grief.  We did several meditations for release, I shed many tears, and really felt I was able to purge.  It was an exhausting day, but also incredibly powerful and hopeful.   My guide put her hand on my forehead and told me that I was enough, I had everything I needed to live my truest life.  (What a wonderful thing!!)  My task now is to put all of my tools to practice and honor the fact that I am important enough to invest in and take care of.


Day 2 was focused on healing and we used chakra crystals and meditations to travel a healing and purification journey.  This was utterly incredible, we revisited times in our lives and viewed them as a loving, forgiving being.  I saw 3 events that were the roots of my grief and shame.  We were asked to imagine ourselves separate from our bodies - what do we look like?  I suddenly saw myself as a burst of sunlight, and thought of the pet name I had as a child - sunshine.  This was a very beautiful moment.  We also had a session on tantra, with a focus on communication and listening to our bodies to discern our truth.  I had an A-Ha moment - I need to learn how to ask for what I need!


The third day was a continuation of healing, and creating an intention jar where we fill the jar with reiki power and write our intentions on paper and put it in the jar.  It was fun and lighthearted!  Then we gathered and participated in a group healing experience, and it was amazing to be part of a group sending healing energy - and also be the one the group is focused on!  Very powerful...


I feel hopeful and recharged.  My next step is to internalize what I have learned and validated, create my daily practice for self care and progression and continue on the path to full healing.


I enjoyed the idea that the retreat focused on self-nurturing which helped me to focus on myself only.


I was able to put myself first. I completely enjoyed it and will recommend a friend.


It was inspiring, healing, centered and I was able to meet my needs for self-care. I created deeper awareness and connection with myself and others.

The experience demonstrates the power of love and light, the power of collective to heal, bond and create a healing spaced community.


I found myself back here. I love the way my spirit is talking to me, and the power I have to be me and be plenty, full and happy. Thank you!



Some unexpected activities that might push your usual boundaries. Surprisingly nourishing and good connections with fellow participants.


It was definitely one of my best experiences. I would highly and am going to highly recommend to family and friends.

Thank you Carrie you have done a great job with the retreat and putting together a great team! Namaste.


I would tell my friends and family that this retreat was fun but also challenging. But worth it!

Some or maybe most of my friends would not understand. But the few that do I would tell how magical it was.

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