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Guided Healing Meditation

Connect with your soul's consciousness and give your human consciousness a break. Carrie Suwal has free meditations found on the Insight Timer App ranging from tips to quit smoking, full moon/new moon and Chakra meditations. She also has a 10 day course available through subscription to build your connection to your intuition through the third eye Chakra. Click this button to follow her teachings for free:

Learn Reiki, Levels I-III

Offering Reiki levels I, II and Master/teacher training. A wonderful practice to begin so that you may offer yourself and others the universal life force energy as a way of healing.

Each level is a one day class with an investment of $444. There is a minimum of 2 students for the class to take place, If you have questions or interest in taking a Reiki class please contact Carrie and she can give you more details/setup a date if appropriate.

You finish with a certificate which can be used for credits with certain designations.

Reiki Share

If you have never done Reiki before please come at the start time and we will go over how to give and get Reiki for the first 15 minutes! For all Reiki practitioners and energy healers we will start the evening off with a short meditation and then a trade of loving healing.  

If you are able to give $5.00-$10.00 (goes towards the venue rental) that is great! If you can not spare the change, no worries you are still welcome to join for free!

Learn Reflexology

Learn to give yourself and others full body healing through the reflex points in the feet and hands. In this course we will go over the scientific and energetic connections between our reflex points and the effect they have on the body. 

Fire Cupping

Learn the ancient art of fire cupping for your self, friends and family or as a therapist. Wonderful to reduce muscle tension, create a vascular flush (circulation), relaxation and detoxification. 

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