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Come rest and repair in the Rockies of the Bow Valley as your soul, mind and body become one.

Begin your healing journey now and listen to this FREE 11 minute mindful talk on connection to your deepest truth, click now:

Currently Closed Until Further Notice

Self Retreat

It is your time to shine! Nourish your needs and create your dream retreat. Click here to choose your own activities:

Group Retreat

Create the perfect package for you and your group of 2-30 people. Choose activities that spark joy and wellness.Click here to choose your own activities:


We are a unique retreat company in that we allow YOU to be the creator. You pick what activities and treatments you will receive. You decide if it's a solo retreat crafted specifically for filling your cup with all that you need, or a group retreat (friends, family, events, co-workers). And you get to choose when your retreat takes place. 

Scroll down to build your dream retreat, or fill out a questionnaire to have the stars align you with the perfect retreat!

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