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Year of You

Have you been feeling a disconnect from living fully and in your power? Do you experience worry, fear or emptiness? The Year of You gives you all of the tools you need to step into fullness and live your life with the most powerful, loving and peaceful version of you that is possible.


Carrie of Healing Earth Therapy/Soulful Mountain Retreats and Brittany of Sacred Glow 108 are here to help you have the most fulfilling authentic year of you possible. We bring our gifts of connection to spirit and practices of wellness aligning the heart, the mind and the soul. Every offering is available in person or via distance (phone, skype or zoom).

The Details


These one on one treatments are catered to your current needs. In these sessions Carrie will do distance Reiki healing. Reiki energy is used to infuse your body on all levels with love and light. When our energy is low we can feel fatigued, a disconnect from living purposefully, sadness, depression, anxiety, worry and sickness.

At the end of your healing session a comprehensive information package will be sent to you with the details of the session. This information will include negative thought patterns that no longer serve you and what specific actions you can take to create the most powerful version of you. It will also be a detailed Chakra assessment, giving you insight to which chakras are imbalanced and how you can maintain balance and flow of your energetic body.

With the infusion of this light energy into your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body and removal of toxic dark energy you will experience:

  • Increased energy

  • Positive emotions such as joy, love and peace

  • Balanced heart center: an inner calm regardless of life’s challenges

  • You actually feel lighter as we remove heavy energies that physically weigh you down

  • Decreased physical pain and illness: The spiritual suffering and blockages we hold are the root to our physical pain and illness. By removing and clearing these blockages we allow a healthy flow of energy that will penetrate the physical body and allow it to heal.

  • Removal of suffering spirits from your etheric body creating a sense of fullness and self power

  • Chakra assessment and realignment


Your soul's journey has experienced highs and lows on it's course. Understand the gifts and messages from the Lords, masters and teachers of the Akashic Records. Create a connection to your inner wisdom in the vibration of love, peace and hope moving forward on your path.

The Akashic Records is a sacred place holding the light of Akasha. Akasha is pure light, universal wisdom, ancient teachings and love. Access the knowledge and teachings of your soul through the records.


Britt can help you connect to the archetypal expression deep within your soul and subconscious.  As your life unfolds we can use the tarot cards to discover the archetypal energy within us to bring further insights, new perspectives and resonating affirmations.   

Tarot can help change our perspectives on a situation can shed light on the past, present and future.  The cards allow the energy of our emotions, thoughts and feelings to open up and rise to the surface.  This will only be brought to your attention when you are open and ready to start peeling back the layers in this area of your life. 





See how your birthdate connects to the deeper realms of the archetypal energies of the major arcana. Discover your personal life energy card, soul card, yearly growth card, and a ten year cycle card, some of us even have a shadow card. 


DreaMhalla’s are infused with Reiki, Crystal Gridding and Sacred Geometry. DreaMhalla’s are inspired by traditional prayer beads, Malas and the energy they hold. DreaMhalla’s were birthed from Britt's love of Dreams, Malas, Gem Stones, Prayer, Intention, Meditation and the Goddesses of Valhalla. Shipping costs may be extra if you live outside of North America.


The beginning, middle and end of the year Carrie & Britt will do a sweep and cleanse of the energy in your home. They will let you know where darker energies have been found,  and things that you can do to maintain clean and loving energy in all corners and rooms of your home. They will share the soul of the home's message it has for you. House clearings are done to allow your home to support you with positive energy. 

On top of having the energies within your home cleared and recharged you will also be receiving a crystal grid Reiki energy transfer. This is potent positive energy being sent your way so you can align with the new beautiful energy of the home.


Healing Home Mist is created with harmony and intention. It can be sprayed in the home, business and is safe to use on the energetic body. Each spray is created with the client and space in mind. Each spray is created with fresh Canadian Rocky Mountain spring water, ceremonial grade vodka (moon bathed), and  essential oils. Each spray is crystal gridded using numerology, crystals and the flower of life.


A personalized guided healing meditation for you to use as your “home” treatment keeping you focused on your journey and your needs. A questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out so that we can create the most powerful healing meditation for you in your life. We will address areas that you feel you are “lacking in”, patterns you are ready to release, honoring and appreciating your soul’s beauty and creating the perfect meditation for you to listen to at all times. You will also receive a monthly guided meditation focused on building your intuition and healing your energy.


New moons are a time for reflection of our goals and dreams to see if they are still in alignment with your path of fullness. It is the perfect time to start anew. You will be sent a monthly new moon pathway recording to intuitively journey into the awareness of your higher self with the powerful energy of the moon supporting you.


Using shamanic practices you will meet your power animal and another assistant animal to super charge your healing journey to fullness. This will be done in your first Healing Session.

You will be given the knowledge of how to call on your power animal for protection, power, healing and guidance. You will also be given an additional compassionate helper animal to come in and allow you access to more light, more healing and more personal wealth.


The Year of You is designed to propel you forward in your self growth so you can access an unlimited source of peace, love and joy. This package is valued at $6,035 when all services are booked individually. But by booking the year of you, you save $1147! Bringing the cost for this package to: $4,888.00. Payment plans are available. Please contact Carrie for registration and details. Or fill out a Year of You Questionnaire:

What’s Included

  • 6 Spiritual Healing Sessions

  • 6 Akashic Record Readings

  • 3 Tarot readings

  • Tarot Numerology Reading

  • DreaMhalla created for you 

  • 3 House Clearings + Reiki boost with super charged crystal grid

  • Crystal Elixr

  • Personalized Healing Meditation MP3 + Monthly Guided Meditations

  • Monthly New Moon Pathway

  • A meet and greet with your power animal and a secondary compassionate spirit helper

  • Supportive spiritual coaching using divination connecting you to your higher self throughout the entire year

  • Personalized plan of action to integrate you with your inner source of love, joy and peace

  • Spiritual guidance from two mystical teachers Brittany and Carrie

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