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Your Team Of Guides

Meet Carrie, Vanessa and Kayla. They are here to support you on your path of connection to your highest self. Read more below. 

Carrie is the retreat facilitator.  She is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Shamanic Practitioner and massage therapist. Her core mission is to help others align their soul consciousness and higher self with our physical human consciousness. She creates an open space where you can allow your intuition to blossom and elevate your spirit to a new level of awareness and healing.

She has always felt a very deep connection to nature and a strong love of animals which guided her to the practice of shamanism. With her team of animal helpers they work to gently transform your darkness (fear based patterns) in to the light (love based vibrations).

Carrie works to repair damage and blockages in the aura, our mental and emotional bodies by creating a flow of our natural energy so we can get in touch with our true beauty; our core essence. She uses shamanic divination to bring guidance from the spirit realm that best serves you at this times in your life. 

Vanessa is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and dance teacher. As a lifelong lover of movement, therapeutics has become an important part of nurturing and supporting her life. She hopes to inspire others to also create practices that enrich their lives.

Vanessa’s classes blend gentle therapeutics with playful, fluid movement, breath consciousness, and sound. Students are encouraged to bring awareness to their breath and movement in a way that feels supportive and empowering. She will guide you to perceive the blockages in the physical body that are ready to be acknowledged and released. She encourages her students to explore movement in a way that helps them connect to the deeper aspects of themselves desiring to be expressed, allowing freedom and health to flow within the body.

While Kayla continues to travel on her personal journey of health and wellness she strives to contribute the the well-being of those around her. As a certified yoga instructor from the Yandara Institute Kayla will soulfully guide you through your choice of Hatha, Flow, Meditation and Restorative yoga sessions.

Her deep connection with her students allows her to see you radiate from within during yoga practice, as you move, breath and reconnect with your inner beauty. During your retreat Kayla will help you take away yesterday’s worries, connect with the here and now, and bring fourth tomorrow’s possibilities. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered to take on the world like the warrior you are.

"Mine was a personalized retreat, which means I was able to select the activities/sessions that I wanted based on my needs. This flexibility helped me to get the best value out of this two day retreat.

I truly enjoyed the retreat and I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to find balance, or planning on embarking on a self-renewal, self awareness, self- growth, and healing journey. "

— Nicholas

"I feel hopeful and recharged.  My next step is to internalize what I have learned and validated, create my daily practice for self care and progression and continue on the path to full healing."

— Amber

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